How is edge banding made
2021-06-25 16:59:38

To match the color of the panel and ganrateed the quality, Edge banding is not made simply. There are several steps of producing edge banding.

1. Color match: color and texture is very important to match the board, proper proportion of each raw material not only decide the color, but also the durability of the product. With reach experience in this field, our engineer will work out the right ratio of materials.

2. Gradulation: precise component and control of raw materials are put into gradualtion, to make the base of the edgebanding.

3. Extrusion: particles from the gradulation are put into the extrusion machine, to make the foundation bands, and primer are automatically applied to the back.

4. Printing: wood and other complicated color and textures are made during the printing process, UV coat is applied too.

5. Packing: rolls of edge bandings are sealed and packed in cartons.